How to make your own disinfectant spray


Let’s assume that you cannot afford to hire disinfectant cleaning services to get your home or office sanitized properly. There is no need to worry about it. You can disinfect hard surfaces from pathogens or viruses like the coronavirus which has posed serious threats to health. The international organizations concerned with the COVID-19 pandemic like the World Health Organization (WHO) have emphasized on cleaning and disinfectant surfaces around you to minimize the chances of getting infected by this virus. Now, we will discuss the steps you can take to make your own disinfectant spray:

Steps to make your own disinfectant

  • Find a solution of regular household chlorine bleach and some water
  • Read the instructions carefully about how to use the bleach as it can damage your skin
  • Unexpired bleach should be used as it is the most effective in disinfecting the surfaces according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • One-third cup of bleach in one gallon of water is the recommended ratio of mixing water and bleach
  • Half cup per gallon can also be used as per some other sources which recommend a stronger solution

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Important things to consider

Multiple sources recommend different bleach-to-water ratios for making disinfectants. Whichever ratio you are going to use, let it stay on the surface for ten minutes. It will require a certain time to kill pathogens and clean the surface. It is also advisable to make a solution that can be used in one day or maximum two days. The quality of bleach degrades quickly when it is removed from the container in which it is originally stored. The bleach becomes less effective with the passage of time after opening the container. Storage of the bleach container at a cool place away from light can make it useful for a longer time. If you have a bottle of bleach which is expired, add some more bleach to the mixture than the recommended quantity as it loses its effectiveness after expiry.

Be very careful

  • Bleach mixtures can only be used to clean hard surfaces. They can permanently damage clothes, any type of fabric and other soft materials.
  • Always wear gloves when handling bleach and mixtures containing it.
  • Bleach is corrosive in nature, it is not a friendly chemical
  • You should wipe it out after ten minutes because it can damage surfaces too
  • Before you start making any solutions with bleach, especially if you’re new to this, please read the instructions entirely and carefully understand how to use it. The damages it can cause to skin and other organs are irreversible.


Covid-19 has increased the use of disinfectant cleaning services across the world. As the Coronavirus has devastated economies as well as taken the lives of many people, it is advisable to stay at home and avoid the crowded places. Also, you need to maintain the social distance advised by WHO and other medical researchers to prevent yourself from the virus. Using disinfectant can enable you to have additional care which is also important to mitigate the chances of virus attack. If you properly disinfect the surfaces by making your own disinfectant, you can reduce the risks of getting infected from Coronavirus. Let’s disinfect all the surfaces around us by making our own disinfectant spray.