How to disinfect your home goods? Appliances – Smart Phones – Tooth Brush

disinfectant cleaning home

As the world is suffering at the hands of COVID-19 pandemic which has disrupted economies and created a serious threat to human life, the concept of disinfectant home service is created. There is a need to clean and disinfect every surface around you not only to kill pathogens but also kill the Coronavirus before it infects you or any other family member. The characteristic of this virus to spread rapidly has brought us to a point where we need to disinfect every surface and daily-use items at home. We will discuss disinfecting home goods one by one.

Remote Controls

  • Remove the batteries from the remote controls before cleaning it
  • Make a piece of cloth damp with any disinfecting solution
  • Use a toothpick or any thin item and get the soaked cloth attached to it
  • Clean and disinfect the remote thoroughly
  • Wait a few minutes to get the solution evaporated and put the batteries back inside


  • Dampen the cloth or a piece of cotton with a disinfecting solution
  • Clean the purse completely with special care because the zipper or handle made of any material that can be damaged by disinfecting solution
  • Fabric bags can be washed in a mild solution of disinfectant


  • The handle used to open a refrigerator, the knob of a stove, the coffeemaker and the touchpad of a microwave oven, you need to sanitize them all
  • Wipe them with a soaked cloth or cotton piece in alcohol or any disinfectant solution
  • Let it dry by waiting for a few minutes and use it again

Light Switches

  • Use damp cloth to clean the dust from the switches
  • Take care that the water does not pass through the switches
  • Use a disinfecting wipe by immersing a piece of cloth in a disinfecting solution, be careful again that no liquid should pass the switches
  • Let them get dry and use them afterwards

Debit and Credit Cards

  • Wipe your cards with a disinfectant solution or alcohol
  • Wait for the cards to get dry
  • Put them back in your wallet now

Toothbrushes and Holders

clean tooth brush
  • Remove the top of the toothbrush
  • Wash the top and the brush with warm water
  • Use chlorine bleach or any other disinfectant you have and soak both pieces for five minutes
  • Use a disinfectant solution and clean all sides of mounted toothbrush
  • To sanitize the toothbrush, immerse it in a hydrogen peroxide solution for ten minutes
  • Rinse the toothbrush with water afterwards


clean smartphones
  • Using a disinfectant wipe carefully, you can clean the smartphone
  • Immerse a piece of cotton in alcohol or any solution
  • Rub the phone gently making sure the liquid does not enter inside the body
  • Leave it for ten minutes to let it dry

Keys and the Car

  • Use disinfecting wipe and clean the keys individually
  • Use a toothpick or nail to clean the grooves on the key
  • Take a clean wipe and clean the steering wheel, arm rests, console, gear, dashboard, inside door knobs and every surface inside the car


You can clean and sanitize all the goods at home by hiring disinfectant home service or you can do it yourself by following the easy steps that are mentioned in this article. Remember that cleaning the goods is the only way to prevent viruses and pathogens. You should sanitize your goods twice or thrice a week to make yourself safe from the virus.